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#OCJP #сертифікація за 50$

До 30 травня доступна OCJP сертифікація всього за 50$ Oracle Certification Program Beta Exams Beta exams are pre-production exams used by Oracle to evaluate new exam questions with the participation of a live audience. Beta exam questions go through a rigorous development and evaluation process before being released to the public. Data [...]

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Enterprise Architect certification

If you’ve considered pursuing the Enterprise Architect certification in the past, but hadn’t quite gotten around to it, this is a great opportunity to attempt to get certified in a highly cost-effective manner.  The cost to take the beta version of the exam is only $50, and would usually cost at least $300 plus the cost [...]

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Certification Competence Correlation

Most of my friends and colleagues are very negative about certification schemes in software development, a disdain that I share. This doesn’t mean that I think that certifications in software are bad by definition, just that almost every one we see fails a basic test. For a certification to be useful, it needs a correlation with [...]

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