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Гості із Silicon Valley та JUG of Lviv

JUG LvivJUG Lviv

 До нашої групи приєднався Alamgir Farouk Він буде наступного тижня у Львові і на моє прохання погодився зробити для нас доповідь. Думаю для всіх буде зручно зустрітись наступного тижня в четвер на сьому годину. Всі хто хочуть відвідати наш мітинг – пишіть на мейл jug.lviv@gmail.com. 


Visiting from silicon valley, Dec 3 (?)

I am visiting Lviv on a personal tour, and quite by chance found your group. Andriy graciously let join and asked me if I would like to give some sort of a talk, and of course I am more than happy to share my experiences.

My specializations, that I think people in the group would be interested in, includes Java Swing and some interesting problems I have had to solve, -aerospace applications and how to use Java in that industry, comparison of Java Swing and Adobe Flex (3), with some real examples and some tips and tricks on job hunting in the US, and finally Oracle JDeveloper, which is what I work on now. If you are interested, feel free to respond via this group or ask anything specific, feel free to let me know.

I am originally from Bangladesh but have lived most of my life in the US, and have worked in several big and small projects.

Alamgir Farouk

JUG Lviv