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7 вересня 15-та зустріч JUG: Spring Architecturs versus JEE Architectures

JUG LvivJUG Lviv

We are glad to invite you to the 15th gathering of Lviv Java User Group.
Date: September 7th
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Lohika Company office, Lviv, Lemkivska str. 15

You will have great opportunity to be present at two presentations by Oleksiy Rezchykov:
“Spring Architecturs versus JEE Architectures”
“BDD with Java using Concordion and Selenium”

Oleksiy Rezchykov
Experienced Java Developer and Team Lead who was working as Project/Resource/Development/Competency Manager at different periods. Follower of Agile/Lean and supporter of XP engineering practices also. Currently Oleksiy is consulting on Testing Automation, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. He actively popularizes usage of Spring Framework on SpringByExample.com.ua project.

Entrance is free after passing registration

JUG Lviv