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Мрієш стати Hadoop інженером? Мрії збуваються!


Мрієш стати Hadoop інженером? Мріє збуваються!
Унікальна пропозиція від львівського Epam

BigData is a new, fast-emerging trend in enterprise world. Just in 2014 we’ve started tens of POC/R&D projects for our enterprise clients willing to explore Big Data capabilities for their business. Since majority of them have proven to be successful, thus we do expect significant demand in Big Data enabled engineers in the beginning of 2015. Acknowledging that there is shortage of experienced Big Data resources on market, we (Epam) are willing to hire and train mid level, senior/lead and architect level engineers in this field.

As part of the team, you’ll get intensive 1 month training under guidance of our experts and assigned to real projects in test mode in order to start gaining production experience.


Якщо Ви зацікавилися, прохання надсилати резюме на адресу tetiana_zabusyk@epam.com з темою Candidate for Hadoop/JUG