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BookReview: MapReduce Design Patterns

JUG LvivJUG Lviv

As you know we take part in O’Reilly review program.
Several weeks ago I received for review “MapReduce Design Patterns” by Donald Miner, Adam Shook.  Actually it was my first experience with mapreduce and especially with hadoop. Hence it force me to read some articles

conclusion 1) This book is not for dummies but…

I’ve spent some time (not much really) to pick up some basic knowledge about mapreduce and hadoop afterwards it was much easier to understand. Book is well written and easy to read, I would even say that examples are too extensive.

conclusion 2) Good choice if you need  to implement something and don’t have enough of knowledge.

All patterns in the book are grouped by such types: Summarization, Filtering, Data Organization, Join, Metapatterns and Input/Output patterns. The materials are well-structured, so it speeds up reading. I really like it ’cause from time to time I need to recall something without parsing the whole book

conclusion 3) book is well organized.

Last chapter is called “Final thoughts and the Future of Design patterns” and it was most interesting chapter for me, but  I will not reveal it so you’ll enjoy reading it too))

JUG Lviv