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Enterprise Architect certification

JUG LvivJUG Lviv
If you’ve considered pursuing the Enterprise Architect certification in the past, but hadn’t quite gotten around to it, this is a great opportunity to attempt to get certified in a highly cost-effective manner.  The cost to take the beta version of the exam is only $50, and would usually cost at least $300 plus the cost of taking a certified course if you haven’t previously passed the SCEA certification.  The certification process is fairly rigorous, as you’ll need to take a lengthy multiple-choice test, submit an assignment, and then write an essay explaining the decisions you made in your assignment.
If you are already SCEA certified, you can upgrade by taking the multiple choice test now or when the exam is live, but you are exempted from submitting the assignment and essay.
If you are a consultant, this certification comes with the added benefit of gaining access to the Oracle Partner Network and the customer implementation opportunities that Oracle shares with this group of partners.  This is the only Java certification Oracle offers the opportunity to gain access to the Oracle Partner Network.
If you decide to pursue this certification, it will require a fairly significant investment of your time but could certainly open up new career opportunities for you.  A few resources that you will likely find useful are:
Full exam details:
If you are already developing Java EE 6 based applications, you will likely have an easier time studying, but don’t let it stop you if you’re not
Best of luck!
Jim Bethancourt
JUG Lviv