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BookReview: Spring Data

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 In scope of our partnership with O’Reilly Andriy Mishak reviewed  book “Spring Data (Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java)”  By Mark Pollack, Oliver Gierke, Thomas Risberg, Jon Brisbin, Michael Hunger.
Thx O’Reilly for a good book.
/Andriy Andrunevchyn
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Modern Data Access for Enterprise JavaSpringData 
 Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java
 By Mark Pollack, Oliver Gierke, Thomas Risberg, Jon Brisbin, Michael Hunger
This book is masterpiece from hands of five developers of the Spring data project. It is very good starting point for first contact with Spring Data world. For example, if you familiar with JPA (and/or JDBC), you can follow steps from specific chapter (or download sample project from github). So you became familiar with Spring Data way to organize data layer in application. Then you have some basis for start in NoSQL and Hadoop worlds, Spring Roo, Spring Integration and GemFire, because Spring Data generally use the same way to work with mentioned technologies. So, it is like crossroad for any unknown stated in book place for you, based on Spring Data.

One of the best part is low barrier to entry to start. You just need some basic knowledge of Java and Spring. For example, if you do not know anything about  Hadoop you can start with this book, corresponding sample project from github and this book. So you step first moves with Hive, Pig and Hbase. So it is for NoSQL, it consists of MongoDB, Neo4J and Redis chapters. You can try different schema-free  approaches – document, graph and key-value accordingly.

Why do you need to read this book? Because you want to have start with any mentioned (plus QueryDSL and Splunk) technologies.

When the best time to read it? I think, just before starting doing some with code for all stated abbreviations. Like first ever starting point for reading about them good too.

How the best way to work with it? My advice is reading the book while exploring sample projects code from github.

/Andriy Mishak

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