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41 Websites Every Java Developer Should Bookmark


Category – Java News

  1. Sun Developer Network
    Well, this is the best place to start with! Being an official Java developers’ website, it contains all the information you need. The website is updated with the latest articles every week. Moreover, it has some interesting sections for the developers, such as developers’ spot light, blogs, information about various Java technologies top downloads, and links for community. If you wish to get technical updates on Java, different IDEs and libraries, this site is all you need!
  2. Java.net
    Being hosted by Sun Microsystems, this Java community website brings head to toe information on Java. It brings all the useful information including news, blog, spotlight, events, magazines, and so on for the beginner as well as for the experienced Java programmers. If you’ve a passion to share your Java knowledge or project insights, tap into Java.net and let the world know about your Java innovations & thoughts!
  3. Javaworld
    Here’s one of the originals, which brings weekly updates of Java articles. Apart from this, you can also go through some of the most interesting and useful sections like forums, top 5 articles, news and views, featured articles and so on. Also, you can get a weekly subscription for the articles of your choice. If you’re looking for some powerful Java resource, you just can’t miss this one!
  4. O’Reilly Java
    Now this is what we say a real helping hand for Java developers! O’Reilly’s Java website comprises new articles, news and Java help topics. The site is useful for Java community and has useful articles on Java and XML, Java Data Objects, Java Data books, Java IDE tools, Open source Java, P2P Java and so on. It is one of those rare places where you can find quality code snippets, full examples and detail explanation of critical Java concepts!

  5. Developer.com
    The site has Java articles hosted by Gamelan.com. No matter what you’re looking for, whether you are searching for information pertaining to Java, Microsoft & .NET, mobile, android, cloud, database, architecture or any other technology, this site will help you find useful articles and other information at your fingertips.
  6. IBM’s Developerworks
    If you’re taking baby steps in Java, a must go site for you! Being maintained by IBM and its community for Java developer, it’s a great source for the budding Java programmers willing to clear their Java fundamentals. The Java section of IBM’s Developerworks contains everything a Java programmer wants to know about Java like articles, online tutorials, community events, forums and so on.
  7. Devx
    Yet another property run by Quinstreet Enterprise. It is a useful source for experienced Java developers willing to keep themselves up to date with the latest happenings in Java. The site has Java articles hosted at DevX. Other useful sections comprise Java Zone for featured and new articles, article archives, forums, and special reports. However, it mainly deals with the web application development.

Category – Java Community, News & Updates

  1. TheServerSide.com
    If you’re dealing with the server side Java applications, this site is a “Bible” for you! The site is often considered as the resource for all server-side Java specific discussions. It has featured articles, latest news, what’s new section, Java management, modular code and mobile app development sections for readers, which makes this online resource more interesting for the Java developers.
  2. Java Desktop
    The desktop Java community hosted at Java.net comprises articles, blogs, events, Java magazine etc. You can also create a new project and link and offsite project. However, it will land you directly to the projects submitted by the community of Java.  Indeed, it has a plethora of resources for the Java geeks to watch out for!
  3. jGuru
    Want to interact with the seasoned Java developers and get your doubts clear? Here’s the best place for it – jGuru. The site is a great source of Q&A style interaction in the Java community. It also has articles, features, FAQs, downloads, forums, and newsletter section. The purpose of jGuru is (1) to promote industry standards so that Java software development stays open and happens faster and (2) to create a level playing field in the industry for all Java developers, both companies and individuals, so that all technologies have their equal chance to be seen, tested, and adopted in the market. This will help to advance and improve Java software technology and development in a whole!
  4. JavaRanch
    Often referred to as a ‘friendly place for java horns,’ the site brings Java forums, online tutorials on Java, and a lot of other interesting stuff for the developers. It’s a well maintained Java forum where discussions are considered as the heart and soul of java community. Participate in healthy discussions, and share what you know best to contribute to the Java community!
  5. http://www.ibiblio.org/javafaq/javafaq.html
    The comp.lang.java FAQ – questions asked, answered, and categorized from the comp.lang.java newsgroup. You can join Java Forums at ‘The Big Moose Saloon’.  We guess this is one of those rare google groups that have active communities. All the threads of groups are shown transparently on the above URL.
  6. Stackoverflow
    Here’s the mecca for all the Java developers – Stackoverflow.com, which is probably the most popular website in the programming world. There are millions of good questions and answers. Learning an API or a programming language often rely on code examples, stackoverflow has a lot of code segments.
    Another great thing about stackoverflow is that is social. It is very easy to view questions under some certain tags, e.g. “java” and “regex”, after which you can see what question is most frequently asked and most voted. This could be a great learning source for the beginner Java programmers.
  7. Github
    It is more commonly known for hosting projects for free, but do you know that it is also an amazing resource to learn popular Java libraries and framework? If no, then it is time to dive into Github to sharpen your Java skills. You just have to search for the new framework and technology, and you will be able to learn the frameworks on the go, specifically if you already have some experience with similar frameworks.
  8. Reddit
    Learning and sharing are the key concept on which this website works! It is one of the most preferred online medium of the Java developers to interact and learn from the expert Java community spread across the globe. Of course, it is not as active as other online resources for Java, but it definitely worth considering it!

Category – Java Blogs

  1. JavaLobby
    It is the heart of the Java developer community! Dzone is a software development news website wherein it runs JavaLobby platform where articles and news related to Java are published. It’s a community driven website and hence all the contents and article are published by the community but are strictly monitored. I would say this website is fun and lots of developers share their blog articles here!
  2. Java.About
    About.com is a great source to find information about various aspects of the different technologies. Paul Leahy the moderator of Java about pages keeps the column updated everything with the latest happenings in the Java community and development. No matter what your purpose of visiting the site, you will always learn something from it!
  3. Java Code Geeks
    If you’re associated with Java development, you might know about this amazingly designed online community. It is a “Hub” for the Java developers, irrespective of their experience-level. It is an ideal resource center for the Java developers, technical architect, technical team lead (senior developer), project manager and junior developers alike. JCGs serve the Java, SOA, Agile and Telecom communities with daily news written by domain experts, articles, tutorials, reviews, announcements, code snippets and open source projects.
  4. Mkyong
    Established in the late 2007, Mkyong is one of the best web resources among the Java professionals of every level. With a wide range of Java tutorials, starting from Spring, Grails, Hibernate, Struts, Struts 2 and more, Mkyong has become an ideal hub for the everyone planning to get into Java development with strong fundamentals about Java programming and frameworks.
  5. Infoq
    “Facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in enterprise software development” – This is what the punch line of InfoQ.  Whether you’re looking for the latest happenings in Java or looking for videos, interviews, conference reports or anything else, the amazing Java community on InfoQ will bring almost everything you’re looking for about Java.

Category – Wiki

  1. Wikipedia
    Want to get a kick start in anything? Wikipedia has always been a first-stop for learning something new, and it is a hub for Java developers too! Whether you are looking for some basic Java concepts or looking for the list of the Java libraries, this is a great place to find most updated information about Java for FREE.
  2. Rosetta Code
    Are you feeling trapped somewhere while coding your Java application? Do you think you’re unable to get out of the problems caused during Java programming? If yes, it is an excellent place for you! This website contains everything for the developers that will help Java programmers get the solution of their coding problems. Moreover, it brings reference to the links that will help you tell how tasks are completed in Java.
  3. Java2s
    It is another great online source for the Java developers who are actively working on Java development. This website contains all the Java programming tutorials, source code examples and tons of other useful Java material well-organized by categories.

Category – Tutorials

  1. http://download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/
    Here’s the official guide from Sun, which is very useful for almost any feature set. The site has a comprehensive list of questions about Java and can be a helpful resource for the Java programmers. If you are looking for an official source of a whole host of Java tutorials, this is the best place to visit!
  2. Java Source
    Referred as a HUB for the upcoming and seasoned Java experts, Java-Source is well-organized online resource that every Java programmer should bookmark. Starting from Java frameworks, latest IDEs, libraries, Java based content management systems to various code analyzing and reporting tools, you will find never ending information about all the Java development.
  3. Jdocs
    This site we would say that a huge collection of online Javadocs for tons of popular packages. It is an Ajax-driven multi-API Java documentation repository, which Java developers can utilize to access different libraries, packages and classes through an effective search mechanism. No matter what kind of Java API you’re looking for, this site worth visiting!
  4. Java Tips
    Although it is not updated on a regular basis, this freely available independent and objective information resource has become the most preferred destination among the Java users, developers and managers across the world. Java-Tips.org continuously provides a wide range of valuable tips and tutorials on Java technology and applications while bringing best Java tips and tutorials over the web under one roof!
  5. RoseIndia
    Confused how to get started with Java? Looking for a beginner Java tutorials or wish to master Java within a week? Well, you won’t find better than this one! Rose India brings some of the most sorted-out Java tutorials, example codes and tons of other Java related information in a most engaging way
  6. ProgrammeCreek
    It won’t be over saying to call it is a “Second Home” for the Java developers across the world. This website is all about Java, including Java frameworks, design patterns, Java API examples and tons of Java code samples that would simplify the life of Java coders. Whether you want to know about Java basics, object oriented features, collection & generics or some advanced concepts in database, file I/O or anything else, it is worth considering this online Java resources!
  7. Java Practices
    This site is often considered as the resource for all best practices, tasks and designs related to the Java development. It offers precise presentations of Java development best practices, tasks and designs illustrated with syntax highlighted code examples, which greatly simplifies the task of developers.
  8. Coursera
    Videos have always been an interesting and easy way of learning anything! Being a Java developer, you would love to see some interesting videos for tutorials or critical Java concepts. If so, this is the best online resource you would ever find for video lectures. You can find good videos for different Java concepts from the popular universities or from Java professionals.
  9. Learn Java Online
    As its name suggests, it is a free interactive Java tutorial for the people willing to learn different Java concepts in an engaging and hassle-free way. Whether you’re an experienced Java programmer or a newbie developer, this site is intended for everyone who wishes to learn or sharpen their Java programming skills.
  10. Wibi.net
    Learn Java code from ground up through online video tutorials! With its focused and linear contents, WiBit.net has become a great place for the Java experts to start learning how to program or to pick up new skills in Java. It has been rejuvenated with content and a new website a few months back.
  11. Pluralsight
    Known as a rich library of full-length online courses for the developers, this site brings some of the most advanced courses in Java from the best authors. With its team of serious and master developers, the site is committed to deliver the best training courses in Java, which will surely help you sharpen your Java skills on the go!
  12. Thenewboston
    If you’re looking for an ultimate source of video tutorials on Java over the internet, this site is worth visiting! Here you can find all the Java tutorials in a well-organized manner. With 4 years, 178,000 subscribers and 53 million views, this site delivers what it promises – The best Java video tutorials to the knowledge seekers.
  13. Java lessons
    One of the easiest ways to learn any programming language is from examples, and this site brings an effective medium for the Java programmers to hone their Java skills through useful examples. Interfaces, abstract classes, JDBC, threads, polymorphism or a constructor, you can select any topic you wish to explore about and get the best examples that will help you clear your fundamentals easily.
  14. Javabeginner
    This site does what its name suggests! It is a Java tutorial site for a beginner programmer intended to teach the basics of Java development and programming in a simple English language through a number of Java source code examples for a wide range of topics. If you’re a beginner Java programmer, this site gives a kick-start to your career!
  15. Tutorialized
    Java is rapidly growing language and thus, if you wish to keep up with some of the newest and coolest uses of the Java programming language, you will have to read the tutorials on this great online Java resource. It brings category-wise list of Java tutorials based on different topics like Applet building, Javabeans, application building and so on.
  16. Jpassion
    Although it is a premium site, if you’re passionate about Java and other related technologies or platforms, Jpassion or JavaPassion is a one-stop-destination for all your Java related queries. It brings unlimited access to all the Java related courses with money-back guarantee.
  17. Udemy
    Starting from the installation of the Java Development Kit (JDK) & JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to learn the various Java code using Eclipse IDE through an online training course, this site is a great learning source for the beginner Java programmers taking baby steps in Java development.

Category – Java Interview Questions

  1. LeetCode
    Now make yourself ready to face any kind of interview, specifically if interview question is Java specific, like “what array look like in memory in Java”, you can get answers from a lot of Java tutorials. Moreover, if you want to know how to convert a sorted array to a balanced tree, LeetCode is an IDEAL place to go for! It is nothing but a social platform to help developers prepare for IT technical interviews. All you have to do is to follow three simple steps: code → read → discuss!