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Final Results from our Java EE 8 Community Survey


In the final phase of our Java EE 8 Community Survey, we asked community members to tell us how they would prioritize among the most frequently requested features from parts 1 and 2 of the survey.

The areas that we selected for this prioritization exercise correspond to those features that received at least 60% “Yes” votes in parts 1 and 2. (For a summary of the results from part 1 and 2, see here.)
Survey participants were given 100 “points” to allocate among these features, as shown below. 

The pie chart below shows the resulting distribution of points:

The next steps for us in this process are to evaluate this input, and balance it with feedback from our Java EE licensees, the members of our expert groups, customers, and our internal architects and specification leads. Invariably this will involve weighing competing opinions and balancing competing needs and objectives against the resources and time that we have to achieve them.
While this concludes the survey portion of our outreach for now, if you would like to provide further input, please consider joining one of our Expert Group projects (listed here)
Original article: https://blogs.oracle.com/ldemichiel/entry/results_from_the_java_ee