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Java EE 8 Takes Off!

A big day for Java EE – Java EE 8 is now officially launched as JSR 366 via the JCP process. As you might have expected the primary focus areas are HTTP 2/HTML 5 support, CDI/managed bean alignment, cloud support and Java SE alignment.
Here is some of the very high level content:
Web Standards
Managed Bean/CDI Alignment

Java SE
This of course is just the high level initial plan and there will be many other changes included such as updates to JSF and JMS as well as the addition of JCache/data grids. Do make sure to check out the JSR page on jcp.org for details. Now is the time to start getting involved or at least begin to think about it.
Besides the platform JSR, a number of APIs targeted to Java EE 8 have also now been filed, each under their own JSR. Check out the details on each JSR page:
More Java EE 8 JSRs will be soon to follow. As always we will keep you informed here as things move forward, so stay tuned and let us know what you think.
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