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Morning@Lohika: Spring Boot in production is coming!

Dear all,
We are glad to inform you that next Morning@Lohika will be held on February 14th . As usual we invite only the best speakers and high-quality specialists so please welcome our speaker from Kyiv – Oleksiy Rezchykov, Software Engineer at Playtika. This time you have a good chance to hear about «Spring Boot in production”.
Someone may think that Spring Boot is just another rapid application development tool for pet projects and/or presentations. Oleksiy will destroy that myth as he has successful experience of implementing microservices architecture using it for the complex applications that are currently in production.
Oleksiy Rezchykov
Oleksiy Rezchykov, Software Engineer at Playtika

Java software engineer, currently working for Playtika. Testing Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery consultant. Agile/Lean follower, XP supporter. Actively promoting Spring Framework usage. Speaker on many Ukrainian conferences & events including JEEConf, XPDays, etc.
I will explain the Framework basics. Where Boot could be used and how it interacts with Spring Ecosystem.
Spring Boot auto-configuration is full of magic. But since you want to solve some non-trivial tasks this becomes a pain. In order to get the most of the feature you should understand what is behind the approach and how it actually works.
If you want your app to get to production fast and easy – it should be properly tested on all levels. I’ll try to show some of the practices we are using in order to test boot services.
How to sleep at night after your service deployed to production. We’ll try to get into the topic by reviewing Spring Boot tooling for monitoring as well as some external tools and best practices.
Please note that this event will cost 100 UAH. All payments will go only to cover speaker’s logistics & accommodation.
If you want to join our event please register here http://goo.gl/jM84RK.
See you soon!