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JUGLviv meetup: Functional Exception Handling in Java


Dear Friends,  We would like to invite you to the next JUGLviv Meetup organized together with Symphony Solutions, which will occur on Thursday, September 14th, 18:30!

Our distinguished guest is Grzegorz Piwowarek – senior software developer at TouK, owner  at 4Comprehension, musician and a professional yoyo player.

Grzegorz Piwowarek
Passionate software engineer, trainer, leader, and international conference speaker(DevoxxBE, DevoxxMA, DevoxxPL, VoxxedDaysZurich, JEEConf, BuildStuffLT, JDayLviv and many others) who cares about quality, craftsmanship, clean code and getting things done. Developing mostly on JVM(Java, Kotlin, Scala).

Topic of the talk: Functional Exception Handling in Java

Exception handling in Java is often considered cumbersome and not very aesthetically appealing. In this session, we will have a look at how functional languages deal with exceptional situations and how we can adapt those solutions in the world of Java.


Our friend and sponsor of event

Symphony Solutions

Event is free of charge but REGISTRATION is mandatory!

Time – 18-30 14.09.2017

Place  – Symphony Solutions

Naukova street, 2B, Lviv

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