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JUG Lviv: Do you really need reactive Spring?


Dear Friends, next JUG Lviv meetup will happen on February 8th.

Do you really need reactive Spring?

Talk abstract:

Reactivity – is a buzzword. Nowaday’s market talks about reactivity. Vert.x, Akka, what else? Right – recently Spring Framework introduced new module called WebFlux, which allows building Reactive Application using traditional Spring features. But do we really need that module, will it help us in our every-day job, will it in solving our problems? What else is hidden behind that? All that stuff will be discussed during the talk and finally, we will get an understanding whether starting/migrating your current project with/to Reactive Spring worth it.


19:00 – Registration & welcome pizza!
19:20 – Welcome note from EPAM Systems
19:30 – Presentation Start
21:00 – Presentation end


Igor Lozynskyi
Senior Software Engineer, Ciklum/Zoomdata
Software engineer primarily focused on the development of reliable, scalable, and blazingly fast systems. Has over 7 years of experience with Java platform. Passionate about interesting and dynamic projects both in life and in software development.

Oleh Dokuka
Java Software Engineer, Levi 9
A passionate Software Engineer with more than seven years experience in Software Engineering in different areas. During the last years has actively been working on the development of Enterprise Software and Distributed Systems, especially using Spring Stack. From the very beginning of Spring 5 development, the Speaker has been keeping his hand on the pulse of the framework’s evolution and has already given a few inspiring talks about Spring 5, Reactive Programming in Spring 5 and Project Reactor. Currently, the speaker is authoring the book “Reactive Programming with Spring 5”


Big thank you to EPAM and iHUB for supporting this meetup!



Please register for the event, here.

Registration for live streaming, here.


iHUB Lviv
9 Zamknena St. Lviv, 79016, Ukraine