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Lviv JavaClub [Event 323] WildFly – a modular application server by Ivan Verhun

Ihor BanadigaIhor Banadiga

Review main JakartaEE concepts and run a EE app on the WildFly app server
by Ivan Verhun:


Code from the event: https://github.com/lvivJavaClub/wildfly-tutorial

Event details: https://www.javaclub.lviv.ua/2024/05/22/Event-323-WildFly-a-modular-application-server.html

00:00 – intro
3:02 Java/Jakarta EE History
6:10 Jakarta EE Members
7:16 Jakatra EE Architecture and terminology
14:39 WildFly Architecture
21:42 Deployments
23:30 Operating Modes
27:41 Code examples
49:46 WildFly Toolset
53:51 – join us #javaclub

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